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Math assignment 1
Name: Haro
Date: 3/30/11
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 3, 1996
Family: No family
Fave Color: red
Fave Animal: saber-tooth tiger
Fave Food: Anything with meat
Fave Drink: Water
Fave Sports: I don't exercise
Hobbies: Voodoo
Parent's Names: no parents
Enemies: everyone
Best Friend: No friends
Teacher: Bri- sama
:iconkiba-luv:Kiba-luv 0 0
Creative Writing 2
Like a Boss is her theme song! She may be obsessive with germs and getting things organized, but she gets things done fast and doesn't let someone stop her from doing the job!
:iconkiba-luv:Kiba-luv 0 0
Creative Writing 3
………………………………………………………….Bagels are round;
……………………………………………………Like wheels on a bus; the sun
.…………………………………………… the sky; the moon at night; a Polo or
.…………………………………………doughnut; a ring on a finger; a hula hoop or halo;
.………………………………………a biscuit or pizza; a frying pan or saucepan; a collar or
.……………………………………a choker; rings around                       Saturn; an
:iconkiba-luv:Kiba-luv 0 0
Thunder Assignment 1
Name: Haro
Age: 15
Birthday: November 3, 1996
Family: Only One, no family
Favorite Color: Red
Dream: To own every guitar known to mankind
What do you know about thunder? Thunder is caused by the rapid expansion and contraction of the air surrounding a lighting bolt
Why did you join thunder? It looks interesting
Do you want kids in the future? NO, annoying brats
:iconkiba-luv:Kiba-luv 0 0
Science Assign. 1
Name: Sorrioko Masa
Age: 24
Hobbies: Cleaning, Organizing, Planning
Pets: One Hypo-Allergenic Irish Spaniel!
Fave Food: Organic Carrots
Fave Drink: Tomato juices infused with antioxidants
Fave Animal: Animals are dirty!
Fave Color: A nice warm brown, like hot chocolate!
Birthday: June 17, 1987
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Gender: Female
(Can you tell Masa is a health/neat freak yet? lol)
:iconkiba-luv:Kiba-luv 0 0
English Assin.
Her name is Katelyn. Her skin is the color of peaches. She has red/auburn hair that ends at her shoulder blades, topped with a black cap, much like a French béret. She is wearing a tummy-top/turtle neck combo. It starts under her chin and ends under her ribs. It is the color light orange. The pants have studs running down the sides and belt loops. They end at her shins and are yellow camouflage. Her utility belt is filled with rope and tools to get through the day and hangs loosely on her hips. Roughly 5' 9" and 135 lbs. She has a go-to attitude, gets the job done and doesn't take crap from anyone. Very callous inside. Lives in Post-Apocalyptic France.
:iconkiba-luv:Kiba-luv 0 4
The Ungrateful Tiger
It was dark. Scary dark. The ominous mood radiated out of every pore in each brick in the dark alleyway. So cold. So cold you could see the men's ragged puffs of breath as he hid in that dark corner, prepared to fight anything that would take him down.
He was an unidentified shape, all shadows-only outlines. The only chance of seeing this dark creature was if you held a torch to their face-something he didn't enjoy. But nevertheless, here he was, stranded in the streets of London, being hunted down by his fellow man.
"Get him," He heard the shrill cry of a whistle, "He got my daughter and now we must get him too!"
Clattering footsteps reverberated off the cobblestone steps followed by lights. They were getting closer. He panicked. He pushed himself off the wall and out into the lonely street.
Running from the townspeople was probably the hardest thing to do. This village was his home. How could he abandon it? Many times he thought of stopping and giving himself in. But the devil molded
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Cutie Gaara by Kiba-luv Cutie Gaara :iconkiba-luv:Kiba-luv 13 13


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Who am I?
Favourite genre of music: Alternative or Rock
Favourite style of art: Fan art
MP3 player of choice: Ipod^^
Ok. I have a very important question/discussion for everyone right now. And don't be afraid to agree/disagree in the comments! I just want an honest answer.

Why do people hate fictional characters?

Really. I brought this up because I was watching some SasuKarin and SasuNaru ((don't hate)) AMV's on Youtube, when lo and behold, the comment sections were filled up with "God! Sakura is such a bitch! I wish she would DIE!" and "SasuKarin? EWW SasuSaku FTW!." ((btw, these comments were copied directly from the comment section. No lies here))

What's the point people? Really? You hate Sakura? And for what? Is her hair too pink? Her forehead too big? If you do hate her because of these reasons then you are the most shallow person on the face of the earth. You hate her because of her looks? Get a life.

It's stupid. Some even hate her because she's in love with Sasuke. That's utter crap. She's a woman and every woman, sometime in their life, falls in love. Could her love be mistaken for attraction? Of course but does that make her a bitch? Many say it's because she's whiny. I agree and disagree. Yes, in part 1 she was a little annoying but every 12 year old girl is. At that age they are immature and confused but I think that by part 2, she improved greatly. Every person, real or fictional has their flaws. It wouldn't be realistic if she was this totally badass woman who doesn't cry or fall in love.

Karin. I like her. She hasn't done anything to make me think that she isn't a level-headed person so she's ok in my book. But, just like Sakura, you want her to 'die' because of her attraction to Sasuke and her aggresiveness with Suigetsu. She's a fictional character people. You're going too far. If this is what you wish apon a fictional character, I would hate to hear what you think about the real world. And it makes me think that you need professional help.

Now on to pairings. I have never looked at a pairing and said, "Gross." Have I thought that some were a little far-fetched? Yep, but I don't make it my living to 'hate' a pairing just because I don't agree. And I especially don't force people into thinking that the pairing they like is wrong or stupid or gross. It's their feelings, their life. Let them live it I say! Grow up.

Also, Anti Clubs. Again with the hate. I know that we will never have full peace but it's sad that no one is making the effort to try.

I would love to hear any thoughts on this, negative or positive. Go ahead and say it, there is no judgment here.

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how can I learn the other zodiac sings nature :heart: ??
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Google it. For example the Leo sign had mentions of fire in it's history. It's mostly common sense to find out the elements to the signs
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